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Wow...Haven't been here in a while. Didn't realize  how much I'd missed it. How's people's doing?

For Rafe

Because I know how much you LOVE sparkly vampires.....

(courtesy of stillamempty)

It's Like a Feeding Frenzy!

Today we got in 2 shipments of Advanced Reader Copies of some books. Mostly young adult novels. I swear, it's like feeding frenzy between me and two of my co-workers!
I think we even made the Library Director nervous since we were outside her office....

Sadly, the book I was hoping would be in there wasn't :( But, for myself I snagged a few good ones! Yay for airplane reading tonight and Sunday!



It should be of no surprise to people here that I have a thing about Peeps. I hates them. I am wary of them. You could almost say that they scare me.


Because of this, I am not really sure how I feel about peepshi. There is something disturbing going on there...yet I can't not look and inspect this.


My turn

A big thank you to etcet  because I didn't see it the first time, so thanks for the repost today!

So peoples, take a look if you haven't already because wow. I never knew about jury nullification and it is something that we all need to know!


Died and gone to heaven

Yes, I have died and gone to heaven!
I love cupcakes. There is something so cute and delicate and fun about them! Granted I'm not a huge fan of the icing, but I still adore them. I even like to use the cupcake liners in my lunch boxes. So, without further ado...

The Cupcake Social.

Look at all of those different liners. I think I am seriously in love and will need to buy some of those!

Today I Feel

Like doing absolutely NOTHING.
Except crawling back in to bed.
And sleeping till tomorrow.

Dream to End all Dreams!

Let me preface by saying: I ate dinner at 7:30. I had no alcohol last night, no snacks after 8pm, only water. I turned my tv off after the Super Bowl, so that was what? 10pm ish?

Zombie Dinosaurs.

Yes, there were zombies, that didn't really look like zombies. Me and some guy were recruited to be in the Zombie killing group. We were hiding out in a tub of ice water-which deters the zombies, they can't 'detect' you or something. So we were rescued or something. We joined the group, that was being led by a Forrest Whitaker/Oliver Platt type person-he kept switching between the two in my dream. We were given keys to the doors that would allow us admittance.

Anyway, outside there was a ridge, and flying over the ridge was a reddish raptor, that was shot and killed. Next comes a swarm of zombies followed by a huge T-Rex. That one was killed. Just as the dust is starting to settle, all we can see fill the sky above us is the biggest frikking dinosaur you will ever see! It made the monster in Cloverfield look like a baby! So some guy had an rocket launcher and hit the zombie dino right in the throat. It was pretty awesome.




So last week, I got soooooooo far behind on schoolwork. Why you ask?
Because of a book by Maggie Stiefvater--Shiver.

This book was absolutely beautiful. I was hooked from page one and did not want to let it go!
The story was just magical. The love Grace and Sam have for each other cannot be fully expressed by words-which is okay, that's how they are with each other. Something about this book made me treat it delicately, as if the story would disappear if I was too harsh with the handling. I even read it slower than I usually do. Usually, if a book is getting super exciting towards the end I start reading faster, but I would not let myself do that with this one. I wanted to savor each and every moment!
I absolutely cannot wait to read the next two books in this series! EVIL CLIFFHANGER! >.<


Reading Rainbow is a Living Hell

So as a kid I watched Reading Rainbow. Hell I can still sing the theme song. But it has been cancelled. LaVar Burton, who after 25+ years was STILL hosting it, "made an editorial about his feelings" on the ax.

This is some good stuff, but you don't have to take my word for it.

"" added just in case it is actually needed O.o...